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Financial Service Sector

Credit institutions in Slovenia provide financial services with the authorisation of the Bank of Slovenia, the country’s national bank. There are 12 banks operating in Slovenia (seven of which were direct subsidiaries of Eurosystem banks), 4 savings banks, and 4 branches of foreign (Eurosystem) banks. The banks have a market share of 95% of the banking system in terms of total assets.

Following multiple government recapitalisations there have been significant changes in the ownership structure of the banking system. In 2013 the government recapitalised five banks on the basis of a decision on state aid, after covering losses via the interests of existing owners, thereby becoming the sole owner.

Financial service sector

As at 31 December 2014 the ownership structure of the Slovene banking system was the following: 

  • 7 subsidiary banks and 4 branches under full foreign ownership
  • 7 banks under full domestic ownership
  • 3 banks under majority domestic ownership


Banking sector ownership structure (in terms of equity)
Source: Bank of Slovenia & The Bank Association of Slovenia, 2016

The proportion of the banking system held by foreign investors as measured by equity stood at 30.3%, while the proportion under direct government ownership was 63%, and the proportion held by other domestic owners was 6.7%. Foreign banks had 35.2% market share in 2014 in terms of total assets.

Saving banks in Slovenia

Branches of foreign (Eurosystem) credit institutions in Slovenia

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