Electrical & Electronics


Number of companies: 668
Number of employees: 33,924
Revenues (in €): 5.4 billion
Key export markets: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, UK

Source: AJPES, 2020

Key products:

  • Electro motors and machines 
  • Household appliances 
  • Telecommunication equipment 
  • Electronic measuring systems 
  • Medical and optical equipment 
  • Power distribution facilities 
  • Electrical components 
  • Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)

Quality workforce

By ensuring a continuum of education and training opportunities that support a skilled workforce in the electrical and electronics sector, Slovenia's workforce combines successfully the country's long industrial tradition with ingenuity and skills to produce clever technical solutions.

The electrical and electronics sector employs nearly 34,000 people in some 670 companies. Some 2,100 students are enrolled in undergraduate courses for electrical and electronics engineers. The number of students in secondary schools for electrical engineering and computers is around 2,900.

Since the gross enrolment ratio in tertiary level of education is 85% of the Slovenian population, it does not come as a surprise that some 91% of population is able to communicate in one and 71% of population is able to communicate in in two or more world languages respectively with English and German being the most widespread. Government-sponsored training and re-training programmes help upgrade job seekers’ employability by providing adult education and other in-demand skills to meet employers’ entry-level job requirements. Co-financing is available to manufacturers to provide training in skills specific to their jobs for new employees within the framework of Slovenia’s active employment policy measures.

Estimated gross annual labour costs in electrical industry for 2019 

(Total cost per employee in €) 

Source: www.plač & own calculations, 2019

Quality link to regional markets

Foreign investors wishing to locate in Slovenia to sell their products and services both locally and across the Western Balkans will not have to waste time and money on the nuances of localisation. Local staff can give an insider's perspective of the way the businesspeople in the region think and companies make decisions based on the decades of co-shaping the geopolitical architecture of the region. Slovenia’s economic performance continues to build on the positive momentum of its leadership in business and technology best seen in robust export figures.

A strong export performance of the Slovenian electrical and electronics industry with 76% of revenues earned in foreign markets dented by volatility in economic performance of its trade partners. Home-grown companies such as Gorenje, Kolektor, Iskra, Hidria, Elektroncek and many others displayed great resilience of their brands through the crisis and the companies in foreign or mixed ownership followed suit as illustrated by value-added per employee. Gorenje Group, household appliance maker, is holding its position as second biggest Slovenian exporter.

Electrical and electronic equipment for the automotive industry, commutators for electric motors, electric motors, electronic components for household appliances, vehicle lighting, thermal management, explosion-protected electrical devices and wireless designs are among the products developed and manufactured in Slovenia.

The Slovenian electrical and electronics companies have a strong presence in Europe’s east and southeast markets thanks to substantial outward investments. In addition, there is an ever-increasing number of international companies with regional head offices in Slovenia attracted by easy access to quality staff, supplier chains, research institutes and a range of supports to foreign investors and export-oriented companies.

Productivity in Industry, 2018

 Related GDP (PPP) per person employed in industry (in €)

Source: IMD - World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2019

Quality infrastructure

Slovenia has excellent physical and soft infrastructure. Its international airports, road and rail networks shorten travel distances and make Slovenia one of the most attractive investment location in the region. The Adriatic Port of Koper is the shortest maritime connection for cargo arriving through the Suez Canal from Asia to the landlocked countries of central Europe and the well-branched ICT infrastructure is a result of an early commitment to making ICT one of the national development priorities.

Foreign investors will compete in the global market more efficiently if they locate in Slovenia where the electrical and electronics industry can provide innovative solutions that meet both the requirements of business and the broader needs of society. Products are manufactured in conformity with the specifications and criteria to be applied consistently in the classification of materials, the manufacture of products and the provision of services leading international standards and EU directives. 

Operating efficiency is backed by close cooperation with the universities, research institutions, and professional associations. Slovenian suppliers are well known both on the business-to-business and on the business-to-customer markets.

Capabilities of Slovenia’s leading manufacturers to design, verify, test and produce sophisticated electrical and electronic components, sub-assemblies and equipment continue to inspire investor confidence in an environment fine-tuned to delivering products, services and information supported by innovation and research. Slovenian innovators often return with medals from international trade fairs for ideas, inventions and new products and as long as the Slovenian knowledge-based companies prosper, they will drive the country’s economy.  

Leading domestic and foreign-owned companies

  • Athos Elektrosistemi (Electric garden hose reel)
  • Bartec Varnost / Bartec (Explosion protected electrical devices)
  • Bisol proizvodnja (Photovoltaic modules)
  • BSH Hisni aparati / BSH Finance & Holding (Domestic appliances)
  • Cablex-M (Conduits, contacts and connections for home appliances)
  • Diotec / Diotec Semiconductor (Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers)
  • Domel (Electrical motors, fume exhaust units)
  • Ebm-papst Slovenija / EBM Papst (Small electrical motors and fans)
  • Elrad International / Kona International (Consumer electronics)
  • Eta E.G.O. Elektro-Geräte (Electronic domestic appliances)
  • Eti / Jean Müller Elektrotehnische Fabrik (Fuses, circuit-breakers, surge switches)
  • Eurel (Integrated mechatronical solutons)
  • Fotona / Fotona Holdings (Laser technology, defence optoelectronics, precision mechanics)
  • Gorenje / Panasonic corporation (Domestic appliances)
  • Hella Saturnus Slovenija / Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (Vehicle lighting electronics)
  • Hidria AET (Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment)
  • Hidria Rotomatika (Electric motors, generators and transformers)
  • Indramat Elektromotorji / Bosch Rexroth (Electrical motors, generators)
  • Interblock / Elektroncek Group (Electromechanical gaming machines)
  • Intra lighting (Architectural luminaires and lighting systems)
  • Iskra (Electrotechnical products for energy sector and logistics)
  • Iskra mehanizmi (Electric domestic appliances)
  • Iskra zascite Raycap (Surge voltage protection systems)
  • Iskraemeco / El Sewedy Cables (Devices and systems for electric energy measuring, registration and billing)
  • ITW Metalflex / SG Invest Holding (Components for household appliances)
  • Kolektor ETRA (Manufacture of power (generator) transformers)
  • Kolektor Sikom (Commutators for electrical motors)
  • LPKF / LPKF Laser & Electronics (Laser and electronics for printed circuit board technology)
  • Mahle Letrika Mahle (Automotive electrical devices)
  • Mahle Letrika Bovec / Mahle Letrika Laktaši (Thermosetting and thermoplastic materials)
  • Metrel (Measuring and regulations equipment)
  • Resistec UPR / Krah Unternehmungsholding (Electronic components)
  • RLS Renishaw International (Rotary and linear motion sensors)
  • Safilo / Safilo (Sunglasses and optical frames)
  • XAL svetila XAL (Indoor & outdoor lighting solutions)

Faculties, research institutions and associations