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Slovenia’s economy has come a long way since the financial crisis bailout. Good news for potential investors is the asset portfolio of the Bank Assets Management Company or BAMC (Družba za prestrukturiranje terjatev bank) with bad loans on the books of the country’s banks. For information on investment opportunities in BAMC’s portfolio of over 1 billion euros go to: http://www.dutb.eu/en/default.aspx

Bail-outs of companies have added corporate equity to the privatisation portfolio managed by Slovenian Sovereign Holding or SSH (Slovenski državni holding). Thanks to transparent procedures and adequate asset sale pricing according to OECD principles and standards on the management of State Owned Enterprises, potential investors can enjoy good returns both from ownership and privatisation of management through well-structured concession transactions.  

For information about great untapped opportunities, visit the SSH website: https://www.sdh.si/en-gb/sale-of-assets


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Development of activity holidays centre - Park Lijak

Project snapshot

Entrepreneurial investment in a traveller-focused development of tourism experiences by adding a hotel to the existing campground is an excellent opportunity for a smart investor or joint venture investment partners.

The government’s strategic focus on positioning Slovenia as an attractive and preferred travel destination by developing marketable tourism products is endorsed by regulatory environment that supports tourism is in place.

Situated in the picturesque valley of the Vipava River just beneath a high karst plateau in the Dinaric Mountains of western Slovenia called Trnovski Gozd with Golakov ridge and peaks from 1400 to 1495 m, the campground and cabin development Lijak is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast trying to pack in as much as possible in their activity breaks. The new hotel will have all it takes to cater both for the needs of solo travellers wanting outdoor adventure and families seeking a multi activity holiday. But what gives the new hotel a cutting edge is its surrounding terrain coupled with the climate that is definitely more Mediterranean than Alpine – one of the most reliable sites in Europe for paragliding and hang gliding popular for achievable routes around the beautiful local area.

The western part of Slovenia is close to Austria and Italy and easily reached by German and other travellers looking to break a regular routine. With the facilities for every budget and activities on offer to suit everyone, Lijak Holiday Park is an investment opportunity that has the potential to deliver stable and attractive returns.

Investment project

The plan is to develop a hotel with a restaurant, a bar, an open-air swimming pool and ancillary facilities under an investment deal to be signed with a serious investor. The landmark development and a great addition to the local tourism and business offer will adjoin the existing amenities of the Park Lijak with its fully serviced 60 grass pitches for motorhomes, campervans and tents ranging from 80 to 100 m2 in size for some 250 guests. The development permit for a hotel with ancillary facilities has been issued by the Administrative Unit of Nova Gorica in March 2015.

The Park Lijak stands on 3,250 m2, gross area totals 2,239 m2 of which 1,897 m2 will be occupied by the hotel (46 beds), the restaurant and the bar. The outdoor natural pool will have the capacity for 30 people, some 200 m2 will be reserved for an entertainment park, parking places will stand on some 800 m2 (36 vehicles plus two lots for people with limited mobility/wheelchair access). And last but not least, Slovenia in general and the Vipava Valley in particular is known for great and reasonably priced food and wine.

Advantages of the investment project

The Lijak campsite is a perfect base for exploring the surroundings on foot, by bike or from above carried by moderate, smooth thermals with low-saves possible out in the flats thanks to its micro climate. Glider pilots get stunning views of the wide valley surrounded by the gently descending slopes of the eastern Alps and of the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia’s highest summit (Triglav) and two most beautiful glacial lakes Bohinj and Bled are in the vicinity. Cycling, walking, mountaineering, white water rafting and kayaking – activity holidays to suit even discerning guests. The micro climate with high pressure and light winds, high launches and flat landing areas everywhere and also close to the campsite means no stress for glider pilots at all levels. The region’s reliability is great for running designated courses as pilots can progress at a fast pace all year.

For those who prefer to stand with both feet on solid ground, there are tours of the nearby wine cellars, train trips to Bohinj and Bled lakes, trips to the seaside and sightseeing of Venice. The emerald-green Soča River is yet another attraction close to Lijak. With so many possibilities to make a holiday or a weekend getaway a great experience, Lijak development is a safe and viable investment riding the latest trends in the hospitality and leisure sector.  

The Lijak Holiday Park is easily reached from all directions and by all means of transport. Motorways and fast roads connect Ljubljana, Venice, Klagenfurt and Trieste, there are train lines and flying into Ljubljana, Trieste, Klagenfurt, Treviso or Venice is convenient, simple and inexpensive at the moment. As an illustration: the airport of Trieste is just 30 km away, the train station is at the distance of 15 km and the nearest bus station is at a walking distance from the village of Ozeljan where Lijak is.

Project financing

The funding necessary for planned property development is approximately EUR 2.5 million.

Investors looking to put money into the hospitality sector currently enjoying the benefits of economic recovery and increasing traveller numbers. The geographical position of the Lijak Holiday Park with its potential for paragliding and hang gliding is a lifestyle niche worth exploiting alongside more traditional outdoor pursuits. It will be a lifestyle hotel for people looking for a place with character and not just accommodation. Hospitality industry experts believe that there is a shortage of good quality economy products – budget hotels. The locally-themed hotel is just what it takes to guarantee yield on investment.

Contact details

Mr. Aleksander Mladovan
Ozeljan 6a
Si - 5261 Šempas
Phone: +386 31 894 694
e-mail: info@parklijak.com 
URL: www.parklijak.com

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