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Slovenia’s economy has come a long way since the financial crisis bailout. Good news for potential investors is the asset portfolio of the Bank Assets Management Company or BAMC (Družba za prestrukturiranje terjatev bank) with bad loans on the books of the country’s banks. For information on investment opportunities in BAMC’s portfolio of over 1 billion euros go to: http://www.dutb.eu/en/default.aspx

Bail-outs of companies have added corporate equity to the privatisation portfolio managed by Slovenian Sovereign Holding or SSH (Slovenski državni holding). Thanks to transparent procedures and adequate asset sale pricing according to OECD principles and standards on the management of State Owned Enterprises, potential investors can enjoy good returns both from ownership and privatisation of management through well-structured concession transactions.  

For information about great untapped opportunities, visit the SSH website: https://www.sdh.si/en-gb/sale-of-assets


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Potential for exploiting geothermal energy in Ormož

Project snapshot

As demand for lifestyle destinations and experiences grows tourism developments are built around natural resources such as geothermal and natural mineral water resources. Pomurje is very fortunate to have ready access to natural mineral springs and geothermal waters. The preliminary drilling of six wells has confirmed that there are reservoirs of geothermal water in the Kog area and these findings present Ormož with a fantastic opportunity to further develop as a destination for natural spa tourism. Geothermal water and mineral springs have long been associated with improving mental and physical health through therapeutic bathing, relaxation and drinking enjoyment and spa tourism is enjoying an expanding market.

Geothermal and natural mineral water resources are naturally pure products formed by hydro-geological processes. They contain unique concentrations of minerals that cannot be artificially replicated by heating or treating normal ‘fresh’ surface water. Studies have been made to examine the potential viability of hot spring bathhouse facilities and there is wide commitment to supporting investment in geothermal energy as the awareness of the need for harnessing this potential green energy resource is growing. The measurements made for the six geothermal water wells drilled in the Kog area (from Kog-1 to Kog-6) to the depths up to 2,180 m show that water temperature goes up to 107°C (Kog-3). The results obtained for the bores Kog-3 and Kog-4 will be examined in detail in order to determine the potential for the exploitation of geothermal waters to develop a spa while considering health, safety and environmental issues as part of the new geothermal operations.

(Source: Nafta-geoterm d.o.o.).

Investment opportunity

Geothermal waters can be sourced by drilling into saturated porous sand aquifers lying within the sedimentary basins. The high temperature geothermal resources can be used to generate electricity, the lower temperature resources are used in spas, and in the heating of buildings, swimming pools, greenhouses, and fish farms. Other potential uses include pasteurising milk, dehydrating fruit and various other industrial processes.

Current and potential use geothermal energy has several advantages over water that has been heated by the burning of fossil fuels. It can provide a sustainable supply of energy and water over long periods of time it has minimal environmental impact. The operating costs of geothermal energy are relatively low compared with other energy sources, particularly after the initial capital outlay for infrastructure has been recovered.

Increasing demand for authentic health and lifestyle experiences based around geothermal and natural mineral water resources such as hydrotherapy, massage, mud packs and natural saunas provide attractive tourism and economic opportunities in and around Ormož, particularly when complemented by the provision of ancillary accommodation, restaurants and conference centres.

In line with commitment to give impetus to its economic development, the Municipality of Ormož has commissioned a study to examine the potential viability of new hot spring bathhouse facilities (a spa) for the exploration bore Ormož-1g that serves to drill for geo thermal waters and hydrocarbons. The bore is located in a field lying in the Hardek area in the northern part of Ormož. It is just some 145 m from the local road connecting Ormož to Dobrava. The company Nafta-Geoterm, d.o.o. carried out drilling of the water well to the depth of 1,500 m and the works were completed in September 2005. The water well reached the layers of the Murskosoboška formation.

During the trial pumping, water having the temperature of 60° C was reached mixed with insignificant quantities of crude oil and natural gas. The trial drilling has confirmed that there is a potential for extracting water from that bore but for commercial use, the bore has to be deeper in order to increase water flow. Geothermal water and mineral springs have long been associated with improving mental and physical health through therapeutic bathing, relaxation and drinking enjoyment. Since spa visitation is growing at a rapid rate all over the world, the upcoming years will provide a window of opportunity for astute investors to gain a significant share in the market and a long-term foothold.

Legislation that gives secure title to the resource, provides efficient and effective allocation processes, and establishes transparent, fair and efficient land use and environment planning and land access processes is in place. The developer will have to obtain a licence from the controlling water authority authorising extraction of water from the bore. The scope and scale of the spa and the related facilities is subject to negotiation.

Contact details

Municipality of Ormož
Ptujska cesta 6, 2270 Ormož
Phone: +386 (0)2 741 53 00

Fax: +386 (0)2 741 53 31
URL: www.ormoz.si
E-mail: obcina.ormoz@ormoz.si

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