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Slovenia’s economy has come a long way since the financial crisis bailout. Good news for potential investors is the asset portfolio of the Bank Assets Management Company or BAMC (Družba za prestrukturiranje terjatev bank) with bad loans on the books of the country’s banks. For information on investment opportunities in BAMC’s portfolio of over 1 billion euros go to: http://www.dutb.eu/en/default.aspx

Bail-outs of companies have added corporate equity to the privatisation portfolio managed by Slovenian Sovereign Holding or SSH (Slovenski državni holding). Thanks to transparent procedures and adequate asset sale pricing according to OECD principles and standards on the management of State Owned Enterprises, potential investors can enjoy good returns both from ownership and privatisation of management through well-structured concession transactions.  

For information about great untapped opportunities, visit the SSH website: https://www.sdh.si/en-gb/sale-of-assets


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Special Property: Logatec Castle

Logatec Castle

Executive summary

The future well-appointed residential estate with excellent amenities comprises a 500-year old castle set in 15,680 m2 of a laid-out building plot for which the planning permission has been granted and utility fees paid for. The property development is available as freehold to investors and developers with a commercial flair wishing to secure both value and profit this unique combination of signature homes and a range of facilities and services has to offer. The master plan envisages the conversion of the historic castle into 26 luxurious apartments, the construction of two buildings with 32 apartments, and the construction of four apartments in a detached building plus space for four retail/service units. The facilities and services will include a restaurant with a bar and a wellness centre with recreational facilities.

Logatec is within easy reach of Ljubljana yet it provides the very best in country living. Mountain trails and ski slopes are equally close and the Adriatic coast can be reached in less than an hour by car. These and other amenities complement high-end housing built against the backdrop of the magnificent natural landscape of Logatec Castle creating a living and leisure experience that is among the very best in Slovenia and difficult to rival anywhere in the region.

Intended function

A planning permission has been granted on the basis of the master plan to convert the 16th century castle to an upper-end apartment building and to construct two new apartment buildings, as well as other buildings for commercial usage under a freehold title on an area of over 15,000 m2. There is a historic original mansion to accommodate 26 luxurious apartments; the building plot with planning permission to construct two new building, as well as ancillary buildings (a restaurant and a bar, and detached accommodation with four holiday apartments)..

The landmark of the residential estate is the historic original mansion first mentioned as Schloss Logitsch in 1590 but built much earlier by the knights that lived there in the 13th and 14th century. The castle changed hands many times. Prince Eggenberg turned the castle to a two-storey mansion with a rectangular ground plan, with its corner towers and a fine Renaissance, semi-circular portal. Another prince – Prince of Windish-Graetz - bought it in 1846 and later on relinquished the castle to serve as office space. The floor area of the castle is approximately 1,300 m2 and the restoration of the castle carried out in line with the requirements of the Slovenian Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage Institute has entered the final phase. Once the works are completed, the mansion will accommodate 26 apartments on 950 m2 of usable floor area. Residents will be able to enjoy the communal space in the lobby and there will be a wellness centre reserved for them.

A planning permission has been obtained for the grounds surrounding the Logatec Castle for the construction of two residential buildings that include also space for commercial usage (A and B) in the total area of 3,000 m2 (gross). The residential part can accommodate 32 apartments and the commercial space is adequate for four retail premises. The construction works can start immediately.

The modern amenities include a restaurant and a bar (240 m2), accommodation in a detached building with four holiday apartments (140 m2), the castle parkland, a stream and communal recreational grounds. The master plan envisages the construction of 115 parking spaces.

Total cost/budget

The seller is a limited liability company Artcom d.o.o. and the property is a premium master-planned residential estate composed of a 16th century castle with the adjoining grounds and ancillary buildings. The total area is 15,680 m2.

Offers are expected in the range of 3.4 million euros for the property and the development plan. It is an indicative price and it should help potential investors prepare their offers.

The price to be fetched for the apartments and the retail premises has been estimated at some seven million euros based on real estate prices in the vicinity.


A prime location that combines the very best of country living with the advantages of working and studying in the capital city or even locating one’s business in the Municipality of Logatec that has some 13,500 inhabitants and stretches over 173 km2 in the central part of Slovenia at the point where the Alpine landscape changes into the Dinaric geological formations. The fact that the lowest altitude is 443 m and the highest 918 m above sea level explains why Logatec has been an important route between the Alps and the Adriatic, as well as a corridor leading from the Apennine Peninsula to Central Europe. Numerous remains of fortifications and walls attest to the strategic importance of today’s Municipality of Logatec as a passage worth protecting and as a border between once mighty empires.

The construction of the motorway network has added value to Logatec and many companies set up operations in the Municipality of Logatec easily reached from every corner of Slovenia and from abroad. The centre of Logatec and the new residential estate is 32 km from the centre of Ljubljana and 78 km from Koper and its port and beaches. Slovenia’s air traffic hub near Ljubljana is just 55 km away on the road to Austria.

In a nutshell, it is a superb property catering to the needs of all generations and all profiles of its residents and the businesses that will operate there (a restaurant, tourist hospitality, retail, services …). The majestic presence of the 16th century mansion with its corner towers and a Renaissance portal added in the first half of the 17th century restored to its former glory in accordance with the guidelines of the Slovenian Institute for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage, adds an unrivalled touch of style to the entire estate. The opportunity to make home in the castle or in one of the new apartment buildings in a master-planned community where the focus is on convenience and enjoyment and an emphasis on quality converge to satisfy even the most discerning residents.

Sales procedure

Unbinding offers are invited from potential investors. Short-listed investors invited to submit binding offers will get the necessary technical details and will be invited to visit the property. The contract will be awarded to the investor best prepared to get the project off the ground in line with the agreed timeframe.

Contact point:

Artcom d.o.o.

Tržaška cesta 19A

SI-1370 Logatec

Mr. Marko Smole, M.Sc. 

Phone: +386 (0) 754 29 46

E-mail: marko.smole@artcom.si

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