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Slovenia has some projects that are looking for investors!

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Slovenia’s economy has come a long way since the financial crisis bailout. Good news for potential investors is the asset portfolio of the Bank Assets Management Company or BAMC (Družba za prestrukturiranje terjatev bank) with bad loans on the books of the country’s banks. For information on investment opportunities in BAMC’s portfolio of over 1 billion euros go to: http://www.dutb.eu/en/default.aspx

Bail-outs of companies have added corporate equity to the privatisation portfolio managed by Slovenian Sovereign Holding or SSH (Slovenski državni holding). Thanks to transparent procedures and adequate asset sale pricing according to OECD principles and standards on the management of State Owned Enterprises, potential investors can enjoy good returns both from ownership and privatisation of management through well-structured concession transactions.  

For information about great untapped opportunities, visit the SSH website: https://www.sdh.si/en-gb/sale-of-assets


Below you will also find investment projects offered by different entities. 

You may fine tune your search by selecting different categories of projects. 


TOBACNA City – a mixed-use property development project

TOBACNAcity   - multifunctional project with residential, business and service programme

Project snapshot

The site for Tobačna City lies to the west of downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. There were manufacturing facilities until 2004 when a decision was taken to redevelop the degraded site and turn it into an upmarket extension of the city centre. The new mix of housing and commercial and retail buildings is located in the immediate vicinity of the roads that make driving through Ljubljana relatively easy even during rush hours, a quick access to the ring road and close to the green areas of Tivoli Park.

IMOS, a renowned construction company, has acquired the property to turn a brownfield site into a place of distinction – Tobačna City. The project site is situated on a 65,000 sq. m lot and this commercial and residential property has been conceived as a city within Slovenia’s capital city offering new business, retail, tourist, residential and other public facilities. Easy access to all types of transportation makes living and working there easy for residents, traders and service operators.

The decision on how the needs and interests of the stakeholders to be touched by the development project should be balanced has been taken on the basis of a public tender.
Tobačna City is from the architectural view a combination of new and old architecture, with new modern buildings on the one hand and renovated older buildings protected as cultural heritage on the other. This gives the development added value. The older part of the area is foreseen for administration and particularly for cultural and social activities. The new part will consist of 10 high-rise buildings, 14 to 20 storeys high, rising from two-storey platforms, and an office tower (or a hotel) located at the junction of Tivolska Street and Tržaška Street – building K. Because of their position and design, the new buildings will offer most fascinating views of the Kamniške Alps, Ljubljana castle and the green areas of Tivoli Park and Rožnik hill. There will be about 565 high-end residential units built to the highest standard ranging from studio flats to family apartments. The immaculately designed residential space at a unique location with the superb views offered by the elevation are poised to attract interest and will command prices to match high standards.

The multi-storey buildings will rise from two-storey platforms with green roofs reserved for the tenants of this exclusive area.

Tobačna City will have three underground parking garages, providing a total of 3,500 parking spaces. Two entrances in the northern part of the area will provide access to the garages.

Key advantages of the project 

The development project that reinvents TOBACNA – a former city is currently the greatest project of the company IMOS. The main advantage of the project is location of the project, which is one of the most attractive sites in Ljubljana and a great opportunity for investment. The new multi-storey buildings will offer splendid views of the Kamniške Alps, Ljubljana castle and the green areas of Tivoli Park and Rožnik hill. In addition, it is a mixed-use development project for the construction of a vibrant neighbourhood within the capital city of Slovenia. These are only a few advantages that makes TOBACNA city seen as a great opportunity for an expansion of your business.

The permits necessary for the construction of the phase 1.1 of the project have been obtained (the underground part with a four-storey underground car park and the buildings “E” and “F”). At present, the preliminary works for the excavation area and for the construction of the part of the building below the ground level are in progress. These works are schedule to be completed by the end of 2013.

Investment Opportunity

Tobačna City, the mixed-use development project of IMOS, is the largest project of its kind in Slovenia. A unique brownfield location in Slovenia’s capital city with a huge potential to be converted into a distinct residential, retail and office space. High-quality infrastructure and excellent links to all parts of Ljubljana and the rest of the country and a walking distance to the fascinating streets of the old town promise a viable investment despite the protracted financial and economic crisis that has dealt a hard blow to the construction industry in particular. Tobačna City is a cutting edge development project with clear investment advantages and foreign investors with intelligence to spot opportunities are invited to contact us for further details and a site visit.

The options for the collaboration with investors are summarised below:

1st option: purchase of the project phase 1.1 with the buildings E and F
2nd option: purchase of the building K+27
3rd option: partnership (joint venture) for any investment option under the two options above

1. option: purchase of the phase 1.1. with building E in F

Phase 1.1. consists of two multi-storey buildings: Building »E« and Building »F«. The necessary permits for the construction of the two buildings have already been obtained.

The buildings are designed as multi-storey buildings rising from the two-storey platforms with green roofs for the residents. The residential towers have 16 and 20 floors and accommodate 234 flats of 10 different type of floor plan. Total traffic of the area is planned underground, where four-storey car parking connects the entire area of phase 1.1. Total gross floor area of phase 1.1 is 36,340.00 sq. m. 

The residential programme offers large choice of apartments with well-appointed furnishings to meet everybody‘s expectations. There are 10 different types of apartments: from bedsitters to exclusive five-room apartments on the top floors of the building. The design still allows the apartments to be modified according to the needs and wishes of the tenants.

The commercial programme envisages a retail mall, fine restaurants, office space and related services.

The detailed municipal spatial plan pencils in also a public space as a centrepiece of Tobačna City, a gathering place with promenades converging there and serving as an open-air stage for various events.

The summary of the phase 1.1 of the property development project

Residential unitsCommercial unitsCar parking

Total gross floor

area (sq. m)

Number of flats

Total gross

floor area (sq. m)

Total gross floor

area (sq. m)


of lots

Building E
2-storey platform18,3104,845
20-storey tower 7E83
16-storey tower 8E68
Building F
two-storey platform3,015
20-storey tower 9F 10,17083
Total phase 1.128,4802347,86047,595

2nd option: purchase of land for Building "K+27" and the underground part

The building “K”, together with the adjacent period building “27” (protected as cultural heritage) is the landmark building of the western part of Ljubljana. It can be a hotel or a shining example of next generation corporate interiors.

The project documentation for obtaining the building permits has been prepared as well as the municipal infrastructure.

The Building "K" is the higher building at the road junction between Tivolska Street and Tržaška Street with a total of 17 floors, comprising the ground floor, mezzanine and 15 upper floors totalling approximately 15,713.10 sq. m. The preliminary conditions for the design of the building are given: 17.00mx 57.00m and it is architecturally designed in the shape of a square (57m x 57m).

The underground levels are dedicated mainly to parking lots (approx. 674 parking spaces) and partly to service space. The building "K" can be linked via a connecting building to the building "27" (ground floor+1F). The connecting building is intended to consist of a ground floor hall with a terrace (ground floor + terrace), which serves as a restaurant and also connects both buildings on the mezzanine level, i.e. the 1st floor.

The connecting hall and the building "27" together amount to approximately 1,760 sq. m gross area, while both buildings “K” and “27” having a combined gross area of 17,352 sq. m.

Some more details about the offer of building »K+27« are enclosed.

3rd option: a joint venture

Deadline for the consignment of the offered property:
- in the case of purchase of any of the two investment options stated above, a takeover can be performed according to agreement between the clients.

IMOS also offers its executive engineering services in preparation for the construction of the building “K+27”.

For the purpose of successfully executing such important and attractive project as TOBACNA city, IMOS is opened and interested for a discussion about possible investment joint venture. The earthworks for the phase 1.1 (excavation of a basement) have started and to go on with the project, fresh capital is needed.


The total value of the TOBACNA City development project is approximately 320 million euros.

Foreign investments of value up to 90 million euros are welcomed.

Key figures

- Total size of the development area: 65,000 sq. m
- Total service area of new buildings: 129,000 sq. m

- 37% share of business premises (48,000 sq. m)
- 63% share of residential area (81,000 sq. m)

- Underground area 137.600 sq. m (3,500 parking lots)
-  Old buildings (cultural heritage) – 22,850 sq. m

Contact Point

IMOS d.d., Sales department
Fajfarjeva ulica 33
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386-1-47-33-361
e-mail: prodaja@imos.si
URL: http://www.imos.si/aktualno/tobacna_mesto

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