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2,174 Foreign Companies Operational in Slovenia in 2008

Ljubljana, 01 October (STA) - Exactly 2,147 associated companies controlled by foreigners were active in Slovenia in 2008. Over a fifth of them, all dealing with non-financial activities, was owned by Austrians, while the best represented non-EU country was Croatia, the Statistics Office said on Friday.

The share of foreign associated companies among the 107,686 companies active in non-financial activities in Slovenia in 2008 reached 2%.

Most of them, 42%, were dealing with car sales, maintenance and repair, 15% with manufacturing and 11% with expert, scientific and technical activities.

Some 66% of the companies were owned by EU countries, whereas Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France and the UK together held a 55% share. Austria alone had a 22% share.

Non-EU countries controlled a third of all foreign associates in Slovenia. Croatia had a 10% share and was followed by four ex-Yugoslavian countries with an 8% share. Switzerland's share amounted to 5%, while the so-called off-shore business subjects held 2.4% of all foreign companies in Slovenia.

Foreign associated companies, which were on average much bigger than Slovenian companies, generated 21% of sales revenues and almost 17% of the total value added in non-financial activities.

Their contribution to employment was lower and amounted to 12%, while they added 18% to the total value of production. Their share in the total labour costs was 16% and 13% in investments.

The most important were foreign companies in manufacturing and retail, where they generated about a quarter of the total revenues and value added.

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