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3D Glasses Producer Interested in Investing in Maribor

Maribor, 13 October (STA) - X6D Limited, a Cyprus-based producer of 3D glasses, is interested in investing in production in Maribor, and is in talks with the Economy Ministry on a deal that could bring 500 new jobs to Slovenia's second largest city in two years.

The ministry confirmed for the STA on Wednesday that it is discussing an application for financial incentives for foreign direct investments by X6D Limited.

The company is the biggest shareholder in Slovenian cinema operator Kolosej, which confirmed for the STA the intention for the deal and added that it was not directly connected to the deal.

The European branch of X6D Limited is headquartered in Ljubljana and the company also has subsidiaries in the US. Its 3D cinematography products are marketed under the XpanD brand.

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