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Adria Airways Completing Switch to Hybrid Business Model

Brnik, 17 April (STA) - Adria Airways will complete the switch from full-service airline to hybrid carrier this month as it discontinues complimentary drinks on most scheduled routes, the airline's officials told the press on Thursday.

The carrier will launch Skyshop, an in-flight shop, offering snacks and beverages in the economy class. In the business class and on charter routes the service will remain unchanged for now, head of Adria ground operations Mario Mezek said at a news conference in the town of Brnik, where the company is seated.

The move, capping a five-year period of shrinking service, is based on industry research showing that passengers prioritise price and schedule over service, according to marketing director Iztok Franko.

The changed expectations are a result of the growth of budget airlines, which has also forced legacy carriers to aggressively cut costs.

Adria officials suggested the new hybrid model is working, as passenger numbers rose 10% in the first quarter whereas the average fare dropped by about 5%.

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