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Adria Sells Hangar to Airport Operator

Brnik, 26 November (STA) - Carrier Adria Airways said Tuesday it sold some of its assets on the Ljubljana Airport, including a hangar, to airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana as part of efforts to offload unnecessary assets. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

The contract involves a 2,357 m2 hangar, a 2,773 m2 apron and workshops of 1,668 m2. Several other assets, including an office building, the Adria flight school and a flight simulator, are still on sale.

Media reports suggest the flight school could be bought by Slovenia Control, the state-owned company in charge of air traffic control.

When it became clear in recent weeks that the assets would be sold to two majority state-owned companies, some questioned whether the deals might run afoul of EU state aid rules.

Adria said today the way the procedures will be carried would ensure conformity with the regulations.

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