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Almost Quarter of Slovenians Have Broadband Access

Ljubljana, 22 September (STA) - Broadband take-up is rising in Slovenia and has reached 23.6% of the population by the end of the second quarter of 2010. The country is expected to catch up with the EU average (24.8%) soon, according to the data of the Agency for Post and Electronic Communication (APEK).

Since the beginning of the year, when it stood at 22.9%, broadband penetration rate rose by 0.7 percentage points, while it was 1.6 points higher in the second quarter year-on-year.

The highest market share among broadband internet providers belongs to Telekom Slovenije with 44.7%, followed by T-2 with 19.1%, although their shares have fallen slightly compared to the first quarter.

Third on the list is Telemach, which increased its share to 10.4%, while Amis takes the fourth place with 9.7% of the market share.

Although its share is falling, xDSL access still accounts for 60.1% of the broadband internet access in Slovenia.

Cable internet has increased in the second quarter by one percentage point to 24.1% and the share of optical FTTH connections has reached 14.8%.

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