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Ambassador with Great Expectations for Business Forum in Vienna

Ljubljana/Vienna, 04 April (STA) - Slovenian Ambassador in Vienna Aleksander Gerzina has announced for STA the launch of the Slovenian Business Forum in Vienna, a follow-up to the recently established Slovenian Forum in Vienna. The business forum is conceived as a platform for business cooperation with countries whose ambassadors cover Slovenia from Vienna.

Gerzina explained that some of these countries, mostly countries from the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, Africa and Latin America, are becoming increasingly interesting for the Slovenian market.

The Vienna forum could provide for stronger economic cooperation by securing easier access to all necessary information.

"The idea is to host every two to three months all interested Slovenian companies, which would provide to all directly interested countries that will be part of the Slovenian Business forum insight into what can be done, where opportunities lie and are emerging on third markets or in Slovenia."

Gerzina said that reactions have been good and pointed out that the Foreign Ministry is putting more and more stress on business diplomacy. This has prompted him to initiate the business forum as part of the Slovenian Forum in Vienna.

The official explained that the forum will operate on the level of business advisers and if necessary also on the level of ambassadors. The first meeting could already be held in April, he added.

While acknowledging that "nothing can replace direct visits and contacts", Gerzina hopes that in a few years' time the forum will be regarded as a kind of central point when it comes to cooperation of these countries with Slovenia.

Touching on business opportunities for Slovenian companies in Austria, he said that they are mostly already doing well there.

"Alone the fact that trade stood at EUR 3.5bn last year points to strong ties between the economies of the two countries and this also shows in the business of Slovenian companies."

Nonetheless, many opportunities remain to be seized, mostly in the areas of "energy, environmental technologies, tourism, logistics, transport, electronics, mechatronics, chemical industry, pharmacy, biotechnology".

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