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Annual inflation at 1.7% in September (adds)

Ljubljana, 30 September (STA) - Slovenia's annual inflation rate in September reached 1.7%, with the rise in prices of goods and services related to housing contributing the most to the inflation. A deflation rate of 0.2% was meanwhile recorded at the monthly level, the Statistics Office reported on Monday.

The prices of services were up on average by 3.9% in September year-on-year, and the prices of goods by 0.6%.

Contributing 0.5 of a percentage point to the annual inflation rate in September were higher prices in the segment of housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels.

Increasing significantly were the prices of waste collection (19.2%), heating (9.3%), water supply (3.8%) and electricity (1.8%).

Contributing 0.3 of a percentage point each to the rate were more expensive food (with the prices of meat increasing by 3.9%) and the higher prices in the segment miscellaneous goods and services.

For instance, the price of top-up health insurance was up in September for the second time in the last 12 months, and is now 13% higher than in September 2018, the Statistics Office said.

On the other hand, slowing down the inflation were the lower prices of motor fuels, reducing it by 0.3 of a percentage point, with regular petrol going down by 6.2% and diesel by 4.5%.

The annual inflation rate in September way 0.6 of a percentage points lower than in August, while in the first nine months it was at 1.8%.

The harmonised index of consumer prices, an EU benchmark, stood at 1.7% in September, up 0.4 points from the same month in 2018.

At the monthly level, a deflation rate of 0.2% was recorded in September, with the prices of holiday packages decreasing by 14.9%, prices of fresh fruit by 4.7% and prices of furniture and housing equipment by 1.5%.

The prices of motor fuels were down by 3.7%, prices of cars by 1% and prices of accommodation services by 4.6%.

On the other hand, the prices of clothing increased the most, as expected, going up by 9.5%, and the prices of footwear were up by 2.8%.

Also more expensive in September than in August were electricity, gas and other fuels (up by 0.7%), mobile telephony (2.5%) and top-up health insurance (6.5%).

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