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Automotive Cluster Sees Opportunities in Turkey

Istanbul, 05 April (STA) - The Automotive Cluster of Slovenia (ACS) and Turkey's association of automotive industry suppliers Taysad organised a two-day AutoNet meeting in Istanbul at the end of March. The event was attended by more than 50 companies and institutions from Turkey and Central Europe, the ACS said in a press release on Thursday.

This was the first such event that the ACS, which unites 57 companies and six research and development institutions, organised outside Europe.

The aim of the AutoNet meeting, which was held on 29 and 30 March, was to present the rapid development of Turkish car industry in recent years and identify areas of possible cooperation, the ACS said.

ACS head Dušan Bušen sees opportunities for business cooperation foremost among car producers in Central Europe and Turkey. He feels the meeting was mutually beneficial and showed that there are many business opportunities in this branch also for Slovenian companies.

Several Slovenian companies which took part in the event agreed that Turkish suppliers could be suitable development partners for them, the ACS said.

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