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Awards for Achievements in Tourism Handed Out

Portorož, 13 October (STA) - Special recognitions for lifetime achievements were handed out to the president of the Slovenian Sommelier Association and the owner of Rajh restaurant in Bakovci as the first day of the Days of Tourism event on Monday wrapped up with an award ceremony.

Chemist and economist by profession, Ivan Peršolja of the association of sommeliers received the lifetime achievement award for the development of catering industry.

During his illustrious career, Peršolja has always strived for development of tourism - both as the head of the Goriška Brda wine cellar and the head of the catering department in the gaming company Hit, the award jury said.

Ignac Rajh, the owner of Rajh restaurant in the village of Bakovci near Murska Sobota (NE) meanwhile won the lifetime achievement award for the promotion of Slovenian cuisine.

The family tradition reaches back to 1866 and Ignac Rajh is representative of the fifth generation. He relies on quality and hospitality and has greatly contributed to the growth of culinary art in the region of Pomurje, the jury said.

The open kitchen project at the Ljubljana Central Market, "Odprta kuhna", meanwhile won the award for innovative achievements in tourism. The projects offers the opportunity to passers-by to taste dishes from around the world, most of which are freshly prepared at the marketplace, every Friday.

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