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Banka Celje with EUR 5.3M Profit in Q1

Celje, 05 May (STA) - Banka Celje, a member of the NLB group, reported on Wednesday a EUR 5.3m net profit for the first quarter of this year, a 24% increase on the same period in 2009.

After the bank, in 41% ownership of the NLB bank, increased its total assets by 6% to EUR 2.56bn last year, a 0.4% decrease was recorded in the first three months on 2010.

Banka Celje management board member Aleksandra Vozla told the press in Celje that the decrease came as certain financial sources could not be replenished.

Still, the bank's chairman Dusan Drofenik said that Banka Celje had managed to restructure its sources of financing in time, especially abroad.

Banka Celje took out a syndicated loan in the amount of EUR 51.5m in October last year. A EUR 50m loan from the European Investment Bank followed in March and a EUR 40m bond issue a few days ago.

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