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Beverage Maker Dana Generates EUR 12.4M Revenue in 2013

Mirna, 20 May (STA) - Dana, a beverage producer from the town of Mirna (SE), generated EUR 12.4m in revenue in 2013, a 10% drop year-on-year, and posted just under EUR 10,000 in profit. The company is happy to see its results for the first quarter of 2014 exceeding expectations, as sales were 4% above plans and net revenue at EUR 4m.

Dana boss Marko Hren told the press on Tuesday that the company expected to see much better results in 2014 than last year. After a decade of staff cuts, the company, which employed 90 people in April, is planning four new jobs this year, he added.

Hren said that the company invested EUR 0.5m last year and intended to quadruple its investment funds in 2014 and 2015.

Dana sells 73% of its products in Slovenia, while the rest is shipped to Croatia, Slovakia and Italy, as well as Russia, China and the US.

The company's intermediate products - fruit syrups - are exported to Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

The company best known for bottled water has reached a 14% share in still water market in Slovenia.

Hren said that the most recent water analyses showed Dana's water had by far the lowest level of genotoxicity among Slovenian bottled waters.

In the face of devastating floods in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Dana generates about EUR 700,000 in revenue, the company has sent 100,000 litres of bottled water to the affected areas, Hren said.

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