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Bosch Sales in Slovenia Down

Ljubljana, 14 May (STA) - German conglomerate Robert Bosch saw sales in Slovenia drop by 2% to EUR 187m in 2012. Excluding intra-group transactions, revenue dropped to EUR 46m from EUR 51m in the year before.

The main cause of the drop in revenue is the economic downturn, the company's general manager for the Adriatic region, Javier Gonzales Pareja, told the press in Ljubljana on Tuesday.

Bosch is facing major economic obstacles but plans to overcome them with the introduction of "new technological solutions and innovative products in Slovenia," he said.

Touching on the government's plan to raise the value added tax, Gonzales Pareja said no measure that affected demand was good. However, Bosch will not be affected much as it makes the bulk of its sales abroad.

Bosch's biggest Slovenian investment is BSH hišni aparati, the Nazarje-based company that is part of BSH Household Appliance, a joint venture between Bosch and Siemens.

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