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Boxmark Launches Production at Prevent's Old Facilities

Slovenj Gradec, 08 September (STA) - Production resumed on Wednesday afternoon at the Slovenj Gradec plant owned by the bankrupt car-seat cover maker Prevent Global, after company Boxmark Leather decided to rent Prevent's production and storage facilities and employ some of Prevent's former workers.

Boxmark Leather director Marjan Trobis said that in the last two days workers were getting acquainted with their new tasks and that the production was launched today. The work in shifts will however start tomorrow, he added.

By the end of the week, some 150 employees will be working in the Slovenj Gradec plant, while the production at the second location, in Radlje ob Dravi, is expected to start at the end of the month.

The positive atmosphere among Prevent's former employees was however marred by an anonymous letter from "ten exploited and exhausted Boxmark workers" warning against their employer's attitude towards workers.

The letter says that the Schmidt group, which includes Boxmark, is primarily interested in profit, that workers' wages at Boxmark stand at EUR 460 net and that employees sometimes have to work substantial overtime without prior notice. It also says that Boxmark will use the money it got for the employment of Prevent's former workers to cover its loss.

Trobis said he was surprised by the letter, suggesting that it might had been written by those who fear that Boxmark was expanding too quickly or some of the few unsatisfied workers. He also rejected claims that the company was operating with a loss, arguing that in that case it would not go into new investments.

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