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Bratušek Says Sale of State Assets Soon to Be on Parliament's Agenda

Ljubljana, 12 April (STA) - Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek told the press on Friday that the government would send its proposal for privatisation of one or two major state-owned companies to parliament within two weeks. The cabinet also plans to continue with the consolidation of public finances and the planned reforms, she added.

She said that the coalition partners had agreed even before the government was appointed that they would start the sales procedures for one or two major state-owned companies as soon as possible. Talks on the details of this process are still under way.

The PM would like one of these two companies to be a bank, as this would send a positive signal to the financial markets, according to her.

Bratušek also said today that the cabinet had gotten acquainted with the details of this year's budget yesterday and that the situation was "far from good".

"The budget (passed under the previous government) is not realistic and we were warning about that during its passage at the National Assembly," she said, adding that her team would now try to solve the problems it had inherited from its predecessors.

Bratušek also labelled the talks she held with all the representatives of the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday as constructive and reiterated that Slovenia would continue on the path of reforms.

She said the EU officials had shown understanding for the country's delay in the drawing up of its stability and national reform programmes. The government will endorse them by 9 May and then send them to Brussels immediately, she asserted.

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