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Business Puts Forward Measures for Growth to PM

Brdo pri Kranju, 14 October (STA) - Slovenian business representatives have forwarded a set of 36 priority measures for boosting growth to Prime Minister Miro Cerar as part of a high-profile meeting with government officials at Brdo pri Kranju on Wednesday.

The measures are aimed at improving financial discipline, creating a lean public sector, improving corporate integrity, reducing the burden on business, bolstering efficiency of public contracting and attracting new investment.

The proposals were handed to Cerar as he met with business representatives at a Business Summit, which has become a traditional place for business officials to exchange opinions on pressing issues with government officials.

The event organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) featured some 400 business officials.

One of the key measures urged by business is the introduction of tax-certified online cash registers, which the government has already said it would do.

Moreover, they want recovery proceedings sped up in order to boost financial discipline.

The proposals also include a comprehensive overhaul of zoning legislation to facilitate development projects and improvement in public services through greater efficiency and responsibility of management of public institutions.

Also, they would like the government to reduce red tape and the cost of doing business with the state.

While business organisations are seeking to draw up guidelines for ethical management, they are calling on the government to back public campaigns to raise awareness.

They also reiterated their call to the government to find ways to provide for greater flexibility on the labour market.

In a call for boosting tourism, business calls for an independent tourist board and stable system of financing tourism promotion.

GZS president Samo Hribar Milič said the proposed measures would allow Slovenia to achieve development.

To achieve this, Slovenia needs changes in the way business and the state is structured, said Hribar Milič, adding that business was ready to work with politicians and social partners in finding agreement on the measures.

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