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Business Sentiment Decline Continues

Ljubljana, 24 September (STA) - The business sentiment in Slovenia edged two percentage points lower to -21 points in September after falling three points in August. The confidence index was down 15 points year-on-year and 29 points below the long-term average, the Statistics Office said on Monday.

The index was down one point over August in manufacturing, five points in construction and three points in service. In retail, the indicator was up five points over the month before.

In a year-on-year comparison, the index was down 14 points in manufacturing (13 points below the long-term average), up 2 points in construction (25 points below the long-term average), down 5 points in retail (3 points below the long-term average) and down 19 in services (34 points below the long-term average).

Insufficient demand was listed as the most important limiting factor in all four statistical areas.

The most important limiting factors in retail were low demand (55%), competition in own sector (48%) and high costs of labour (47%).

In construction, the statisticians registered insufficient demand (54%), competition in own sector (43%), high costs of labour (38%), high financial costs (37%), high costs of material (36%) and access to bank credits (34%).

In services, companies listed insufficient demand (50%), financial constraints (41%), other limitations (13%) and shortage of labour force (3%).

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