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Business Visits Result in Over EUR 6.5m in Deals in 2009

Ljubljana, 06 July (STA) - The Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) organised in 2009 a total of 19 visits by foreign business delegations to Slovenia and 17 visits of Slovenian business delegations abroad. According to the JAPTI survey, at least EUR 6.5m in deals have already been realised as a result.

JAPTI organises or supports business visits, which are customarily accompanied by business conferences, to boost networking of Slovenian companies with foreign partners, which produces new deals and boosts Slovenia's exports.

Representatives of almost 500 Slovenian companies and over 1,000 foreign ones took part in these visits in 2009, which were organised in association with the president's and the prime minister's office, the foreign and the economy ministries and two partners - the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business (OZS).

The companies that attend them have said that these visits and conferences are very important and an extremely effective means of finding new business opportunities, JAPTI said.

For an immediate response, JAPTI conducts a survey among the participants immediately after each visit, but to get the actual results in terms of deals, another survey is carried out in June the following year.

The agency used EUR 128,000 for the visits in 2009, putting the output to input ration at 50-to-1, although many companies do not respond to the second survey and the realisation may actually be higher.

So far this year JAPTI has organised 13 visits by foreign business officials to Slovenia and 14 Slovenian business delegation visits to other countries. The results for 2010 will be published at the end of June 2011.

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