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Butan Plin's Profit Down, Gas Distributor Still Satisfied

Ljubljana, 03 May (STA) - Butan plin, Slovenia's biggest liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distributor, generated a net profit of EUR 1.9m in 2012, down from EUR 2.7m the year earlier. However, the company is still satisfied with the result in the light of the difficult economic conditions.

Net sales revenues were level at EUR 36.7m last year, although the distributor sold slightly less LPG than the year before, the company's director general Tomaž Grm told the STA.

The general drop in gas sales was replaced with several cogeneration projects, improved comprehensive energy solutions and higher sales of LPG for cars.

According to Grm, lower demand and higher supply have brought the price of LPG on the global market down in the last month, which led Butan plin to a recent lowering of prices for customers.

The price of heating gas was thus cut by 8%, gas in cylinders has been made 5% cheaper and autogas 5.5% cheaper, which Grm stressed made Butan plin the cheapest LPG distributor in Slovenia at the moment.

This year, Butan plin plans to continue working on providing solutions for efficient energy use, where it expects a 50% growth with cogeneration and hybrid package heating solutions.

The company also expects a 30% growth in the autogas segment and an 20% growth in gas cylinder delivery services, Grm said.

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