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Central Bank Reports EUR 38.2M Surplus for 2010

Ljubljana, 15 March (STA) - The Slovenian central bank concluded 2010 with a surplus of EUR 38.2m, which is a 63% decrease on 2009. Net interest revenues, Banka Slovenije's main source of income, stood at EUR 102.6m, down 12% on 2009.

The figures, aligned with accounting standards of the European System of Central Banks, were confirmed by the bank's board of directors on Tuesday.

Realised revenues, valuation expenditures and provisions totalled EUR 61.5m in deficit. They were EUR 17.2m in the red the year before.

Realised revenues stood at EUR 31.2m (at EUR 62.8m in 2009), valuation expenditure was at EUR 59.1m (EUR 15.2m in 2009), and provisions at EUR 33.6m (EUR 64.9m in 2009).

Provisions and other revenues amounted to EUR 25.8m net in 2010, which compares to EUR 26.8m in 2009.

Operating costs in 2010 stood at EUR 28.7m, which is EUR 1m less than the year before.

In line with the act on Banka Slovenije, 25% of the surplus or EUR 9.5m will be channelled to the state budget, whereas the rest will become part of the central bank's general reserves.

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