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Commission Wants Slovenia, Romania to Boost Economic Ties

Ljubljana, 21 June (STA) - The Slovenian-Romanian commission dedicated to boosting economic cooperation voiced interest in upgrading bilateral business ties, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release after the commission concluded a two-day session in Ljubljana on Friday. The session was accompanied by meetings of businessmen from both countries.

There is great interest in cooperation especially in the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT), food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

In ICT, there is room for cooperation in e-administration and various systemic solutions in health care, agriculture and taxes, said the press release. In the food processing industry, interest is significant as regards meat processing.

Representatives of pharmaceutical companies discussed cooperation in R&D, while representatives of logistics and transport companies focused on the development of transport links and local transport systems, the press release said.

According to data by investment and tourism promotion agency, SPIRIT, Slovenia exported EUR 350.7m to Romania in 2011, while imports from there amounted to EUR 202.4m.

Slovenia's exports to Romania in 2008 (EUR 347.6m) were at a level similar to 2011, but plummeted in the years 2009 (EUR 240m) and 2010 (EUR 294.4m).

Imports have been growing over the past years. A relatively steady increase was recorded between 2008 and 2010, when Romania's exports to Slovenia went from EUR 155.6m to EUR 169.6m.

2011 saw the first significant increase in recent years, as Romania's exports to Slovenia jumped by nearly EUR 33m to EUR 202.4m.

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