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CORRECTION: $Govt Approves EUR 8M Grant for Bosch-Siemens Expansion in Slovenia$

Ljubljana/Nazarje, 28 April (STA) - Please note that BSH Hisni aparati is not in Austrian ownership but is a 100% subsidiary of home appliance maker Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group from Germany.

Govt Approves EUR 8M Grant for Bosch-Siemens Expansion in Slovenia

The government decided to allocate on Thursday a EUR 7.9m production expansion boost to BSH Hisni aparati, a Nazarje-based home appliance maker in German ownership. The company's expansion in Slovenia is expected to create 51 new jobs.

Economy Minister Darja Radic explained after the session that BSH Hisni Aparati, which is part of the Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group and employs more than 1,000 people, will set up a new production line for small house appliances and coffee makers.

While the EUR 26.3m investment, the government's backing for which is promised over a period of four years, will not create that many new jobs, the minister finds it important that a new development department will be set up along with the new production line.

Radic said that cooperation was envisaged with the Jozef Stefan Institute and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which will open new opportunities for developing new products and services.

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