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CORRECTION: "Slovenian Tourism Reports Half-Year Growth"

Ljubljana, 31 July (STA) - Please note that the comparisons in the last paragraph are made with respect to the first half of 2013 (not the first quarter of 2013).

Slovenian Tourism Reports Half-Year Growth

Slovenia's tourism industry recorded 4% more visitors in the first half of the year than in the same period last year and generated 1% more overnight stays. The figures for June are even more upbeat.

Tourism accommodation facilities reported 8% more arrivals and 4% more overnights year-on-year in June, the latest data from the Statistics Office shows.

The increase was on account of foreign visitors, whose arrivals were up 11% year-on-year. They also generated 8% overnights, while Slovenian guests generated 2% fewer.

"We estimate the increase was partly also due to Whitsun and Whit Monday holidays, which this year fell on June and last year on May," the Statistics Office said.

66% of all overnights were generated by foreign tourists, foremost those from Germany (16%), Austria (13%), Italy (10%), Britain (6%) and Russia (5%).

Most tourists spent their nights in municipalities with a spa resort (27%) and those on the coast (26%) as well as in alpine municipalities (23%) with 10% of the overnights generated in the capital Ljubljana.

The bulk of overnight stays by tourists was recorded by hotels (60%), followed by campsites (17%).

The increase in the first half of the year was on account of foreign tourists, who generated 7% more arrivals and 3% more overnights than in the first half of 2013. The figures for domestic guests were down 1% and 3%, respectively.

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