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Cruise Tourism Brings EUR 5m to Slovenia

Koper, 09 November (STA) - Cruise tourism brought more than EUR 5m to the Slovenian economy last year, with direct spending by tourists accounting for EUR 3.7m, a study on the economic effects of the passenger terminal in the port of Koper has shown.

Cruiser tourists who made a stop in the Slovenian city of Koper lest year left EUR 3.7m in Slovenia, which puts the average spending per tourist at EUR 78.

An additional EUR 300,000 was generated by crew members and the rest was accounted for by customs and other fees.

The results of the study are in line with the expectations, says the head of the passenger terminal Bojan Babič, adding that the spending was somewhat higher than the average for west European seaports.

This year the port of Koper has so far welcomed 45 passenger ships with a total of 58,970 passengers. The number of luxury cruisers is increasing, and the tourist season has also been prolonged, lasting from April to November.

According to Jana Tolja of the Koper municipality, the passenger terminal received around 450,000 passengers in the last ten years, which puts Koper among major seaports in the Mediterranean in this respect.

Having recorded more than 21 million passengers last year, the cruiser industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The Mediterranean Sea is the most attractive destination after the Caribbean.

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