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D&B Launches Digital Certificate Service in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 19 April (STA) - International rating firm Dun&Bradstreet (D&B) and its Slovenian partner, rating firm I, started providing on Tuesday the D&B DUNS Registered digital certificate for companies that wish to show their credibility on-line. Rating firm I said that the introduction of the certificate would diminish on-line fraud.

The D&B DUNS certificate posted on a company's web site proves that the firm had been verified by D&B. Web pages are often the very first source of information about companies, and the base on which potential partners decide whether to initiate cooperation or not, rating firm I said in a press release.

With the D&B certificate logo on the company's web page, potential clients will know that the company had been verified by an independent rating firm, the press release reads.

So far, D&B certificate was given to more than 25,000 companies around the world. However, the service is new in Europe and has only been available in Finland and Sweden so far. Rating firm I and its partners will make the certificate available to Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian firms.

By clicking on the D&B certificate logo, visitors of a company's web site will be able to see the basic info on the company.

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