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Delo Says Greece a Taste of What Awaits Many EU Countries

Ljubljana, 07 May (STA) - Daily Delo says on Friday that the bills headed for the tables of the Greek middle class are so high that they will completely change the traditional Greek way of life and transform Greece into a classic third-world country.

The people will not accept that. Especially not those who are the least to blame for the shattered illusions of invincibility. The 200,000 that marched the streets of Athens demonstrated this very clearly on Wednesday, Delo says in the commentary entitled "The Tongue of the Greek Fire of Wrath".

The mass protests that turned into horrible violence were only a taste of what Greece and with it a number of other EU countries are in for in the coming months. And years.

The elites, which - on the left as well as the right - have long ago "given up" on any kind of ideology, have used the financial crisis to deal a final blow to the remainders of the welfare state and workers' rights, the deadweight of capital.

European workers are now experiencing what Asian, African and South American workers have been going through all along.

And this is the key difference between the protests in Athens and, say, the anti-globalist demonstrations in Genoa nine years ago. The voice of direct victims is always stronger and more dangerous for the elites. Athens are close, dangerously close.

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