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Domel Launches Production of New-Generation Electric Motors

Zelezniki, 20 January (STA) - Electronics components maker Domel has developed a new generation of electronically commutated motors (ECMs) with high energy efficiency. The production of new motors will make for EUR 3.5m in turnover this year, Domel boss Jozica Rejec told the press on Wednesday.

According to Rejc, the EUR 1.2m subsidy form the Public Agency for Technology allowed the company from Zelezniki (NW) to invest in development and cooperate with renowned Slovenian research institutes, which resulted in a "really state-of-the-art product."

The project, worth a total of EUR 3.5m, was carried out together with Domel's biggest client, Swedish producer of high-end air conditioners Svegon, said Domel chairwoman.

The production of new ECMs will open 11 new jobs and is expected to bring about 20 more in five years. The total sales by 2015 are expected to stand at EUR 15m.

Rejc emphasised energy efficiency of the new motors, noting that a medium-sized motor could save 4 MWh of electricity a year, which translates into two tones of greenhouse gases a year.

Domel recorded a 30% drop in sales last year, generating EUR 54m in operating revenues. It currently employs 830 people and has no plans to change the headcount. The company plans to increase sales revenues by 20% to EUR 65m this year.

Domel also has a plant in China employing 40 people. The number of employees there and the volume of sales are planed to increase this year.

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