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Economic Cooperation Agreement Signed With Belarusian Agency

Ljubljana, 21 October (STA) - The SPIRIT national investment and tourism promotion agency signed with the Belarusian Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment in Ljubljana on Tuesday an agreement aiming to boost economic cooperation.

SPIRIT director Tomaž Klemenc told the STA that while cooperation is already developed, there remain many unused opportunities.

"Trade growth is pretty good as it is, at more than 20% and we have already come close to EUR 70m," the head of the Foreign Ministry directorate for economic diplomacy Stanislav Raščan added.

Raščan said that economic cooperation has mostly been based on trade, especially on Slovenia's exports to Belarus. "Now opportunities are also emerging in the construction of factories in Belarus."

The agreement was signed as part of a meeting of a mixed government commission, while a group of Belarusian business representatives also visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) on Monday.

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