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Electric Cars Scheme Gets Govt Support

Ljubljana, 09 September (STA) - The government tasked its office for climate change on Thursday with preparing draft measures that will allow the development and introduction of electric cars in Slovenia, including the necessary system of infrastructure and a test project for electric cars.

Together with the economy, environment, transport and other ministries, the office is to determine the requirements for the charging sites and the vehicles themselves, as well as the support scheme for purchasing new electric cars or the adaptation of old cars to electric drive.

According to the government office for climate change, such a systemic environment and the test project will pave the way for electric cars on the Slovenian market in 2011, the year when they are also expected on other European countries, and for a rapid increase in the share of electric cars on Slovenian roads after that.

A number of municipalities already offer or plan to set up public charging infrastructure for electric cars, while the government is highlighting the possibility of using renewable sources to charge cars.

Slovenia has several companies that manufacture parts for electric cars and a well-developed automotive cluster, while the measures for promoting electric cars and the infrastructure will surely boost the competitiveness and business results of these companies, the government said.

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