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Energy Law Tweaked to Boost Microgeneration

Ljubljana, 24 December (STA) - The government adopted amendments to the energy law Thursday, changes that Economy Minister Matej Lahovnik described as vital for boosting microgeneration of electricity and energy saving in public buildings.

Individuals running small power plants of under 50 kW will no longer have to register as sole proprietors, Lahovnik told the press after the cabinet session.

Considering the pent-up demand and planned spending on renewables to the tune of EUR 70m, Lahovnik expects "a veritable boom in new solar arrays" next year.

Municipalities will meanwhile be required to chose renewable district-heating sources whenever possible and take energy-saving measures.

To promote energy-saving measures in the public sector, public institutions which save electricity will get a share of the savings as a bonus.

This will be based on the new concept of energy bookkeeping, which will be mandatory for all buildings in excess of 500 sq. metres.

The amendments furthermore reduce what Lahovnik said were too stringent demands for energy efficiency in co-generation of wood biomass.

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