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Engineering Faculty Launches Super Computer

Ljubljana, 03 December (STA) - The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana launched on Thursday the fastest educational super-computer in Slovenia.

The super-computer - named after former professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and former chancellor of the Ljubljana University Ervin Prelog - boasts 128 6-core processors with a total processing power of 7.9 terraflops. It has a total storage capacity of 500 TB.

The EUR 580,000 computer was hailed by Ljubljana University Chancellor Stanje Pejovnik, who said it amounts to an important gain for entire university.

Its power will be made available to domestic educational institutions as well as scientific and industrial organisations. Foreign educational institutions will also be able to access it.

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Jozef Duhovnik said that the super computer will help engineering in Slovenia to achieve new realms. Among other things, it will be used to help engineers build complex models.

The computer was acquired from Slovenian IT company ANNI, which built it using components from its partner Hewlett Packard.

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