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EU Commission Report Puts Slovenia Among Best in E-Government

Brussels, 31 May (STA) - The European Commission published Tuesday an overview of the implementation of the EU digital agenda in its first year, putting Slovenia among the best performing countries in e-government, while the country stands near the EU average in other areas.

According to the report, e-government and e-administration are fully available to citizens in Slovenia and availability to businesses is 88%.

Around 88% of enterprises in Slovenia use e-government, which is among the highest rates in the EU, and among citizens the rate is 44% in Slovenia, while the EU average is 41%.

The goal set in the digital agenda is for half of the population and 80% of the companies in the EU to use e-government services.

The report further states the number of regular and frequent internet users in Slovenia is slightly lower than the EU average at 65% and 53% respectively.

The number of people in Slovenia who have never used the internet (28%) is somewhat higher than the EU average, which fell from 30% to 26% over the last year.

Slovenia's DSL internet access coverage is in the EU average and rural coverage is slightly higher in Slovenia.

The growth of broadband take-up has meanwhile slowed down in Slovenia and stands at 24%, falling short of the EU average of 27%.

The Commission however notes that, although progress has been made, there is still room for improvement regarding connection speeds in Slovenia, as only 44% of broadband subscribers can access the internet at speeds of at least 2Mb/s.

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