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EU Not Rushing Slovenia to Join Euro Stability Scheme, Official Says

Brussels, 01 October (STA) - Finance Ministry State Secretary Mateja Vranicar said in Brussels on Friday following a meeting on the EUR 440bn eurozone stability fund that no criticism had been voiced against Slovenia whose participation in the scheme is still subject to a Constitutional Court review.

Slovenia and Belgium are two eurozone members which have not yet completed all proceedings for participating in the stability fund, established in the wake of the Greek crisis.

Vranicar told the press following Thursday's informal meeting of eurozone members that "the colleagues understand that certain legal procedures need to be carried out and that this demands time".

According to Vranicar, the Constitutional Court, which is acting upon the initiative of the three opposition parties, now has all the documents it requested.

"Let's hope the ruling will come fast. The government has requested priority status," Vranicar added, expressing her conviction that the law enabling Slovenia's participation in the scheme will get the green light.

Slovenian already signed the framework agreement on participation in the euro stability fund and also adopted a law that was confirmed in parliament. The Constitutional Court has no deadline for a decision, and not deadline has also been set by the EU.

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