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Factory Gate Prices Flat in October

Ljubljana, 19 November (STA) - Average factory gate prices in Slovenia remained unchanged in October, following a 0.3% increase at the monthly level in September. In year-on-year comparison, prices in October were 2.4% lower. Since the beginning of the year, prices of industrial products fell by 1.3%, the Statistics Office said on Thursday.

Prices of mass consumption products were on par with September, while prices of raw materials increased by 0.4% on average. Prices of investment and energy products fell by 0.9% and 0.1%, respectively.

Compared to September, prices decreased in printing and reproduction of recorded media (2.5%) and in metal, electronics and furniture production (1.6%, 0.6% and 0.5% respectively), while they rose in production of motor vehicles and trailers (1.7%), the processing industry and the production of pharmaceuticals (0.7% each).

Prices of produces destined for the Slovenian market increased by 0.2% in October, mostly due to price hikes in printing and reproduction of recorded media (2.6%) and in metal, electronics, furniture and clothing production (1.9%, 1.1%, 0.6 % and 0.5% respectively).

Prices of products sold on foreign markets dropped by 0.1% at the monthly level. Prices of those sold in the euro area were down 0.2% and the remaining were down 0.1%.

In a year-on-year comparison, prices of products sold on foreign markets fell by 3.2%, while prices of those sold in Slovenia were down by 1.4%.

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