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First Creative Coworking Centre Opens in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 17 February (STA) - A new creative centre dubbed Poligon opened in the premises of the old Ljubljana tobacco factory Monday evening, providing working stations and offices for freelancers. Established by coworking and crowdfunding initiatives, Poligon is the first such centre in Slovenia.

Poligon is based on coworking and provides 60 open desk working stations and seven offices on a surface area of 800 square metres. Around half of its capacities have been rented out already and the initiators are already pondering to expand.

The centre has two specialised labs; the Maker Lab focusing on 3D printing and the Crowdfunding Lab that will help set up crowdfunding projects. The centre can accommodate up to 300 people, as the space can be used from morning till evening.

"Despite many plans, we never came further than hearing promises. Money goes into technological parks and incubators, the problem with which is that they are of a closed nature," Eva Perčič, the head of Slovenia Coworking initiative, told the STA, referring to state funding.

Poligon is intended above all for young freelancers. "They need an open platform to develop their projects without having to submit three business plans before starting with work," said Perčič.

Apart from Slovenia Coworking, founders also include Slovenia Crowdfunding, Kreativna Šola Šiška and initiatives, which have put more than 5,000 hours of unpaid work into developing coworking and crowdfunding in Slovenia.

The centre will also have a library and a shop selling the work of Slovenian designers and items developed with the help of crowdfunding.

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