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French Companies Eager to Participate in Slovenian Privatisation

Paris, 04 December (STA) - An investor conference in Paris dedicated to promoting Slovenia as a destination for French investments was deemed an all-round success by participants, as French companies reportedly showed considerable interest that exceeded the expectations of the Slovenian side.

The conference was organised as part of an official visit by Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek to Paris and featured some two dozen senior executives of major French infrastructure, transport, construction, energy and defence companies.

The interest of French companies in investing in Slovenia is "huge", Charles Paradis, a representative of the employers' union Medef, told reporters.

Paradis would not delve into details, but he did mention airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana and motorway company DARS as eliciting interest among French firms.

Bratušek did not speak to reporters after the conference, but she said in her opening address that the event represented "an important step forward" in Slovenian-French ties.

She noted that Slovenia would carry out privatisation with transparent public tenders, giving preferential treatment to strategic investors seeking to establish a long-term presence.

Boštjan Skalar, the head of the SPIRIT agency for the promotion of investments, said he was "very pleased" with the event.

The conference came just weeks after Bratušek attended a similar event in Düsseldorf as part of efforts to woo foreign investors to Slovenia.

The government is currently trying to privatize 13 companies, including Aerodrom Ljubljana, while two from its privatisation priority list have already been sold.

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