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Germans Interested in Slovenian Telecommunications, Infrastructure

Ljubljana, 09 December (STA) - German companies are interested in investing in Slovenia, the president of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce Gertrud Rantzen has recently told the press. If there is will also on the Slovenian side, we could witness new German investments especially in telecommunications, infrastructure and aviation, she believes.

Rantzen also sees potential for investments in business real estate and health services, even though companies from these fields do not appear on the list of 15 companies the Slovenian government has slated for privatisation.

However, Rantzen could not say whether any new German investment could be expected as early as next year, saying these processes take time. German Ambassador to Slovenia Anna Prinz agreed with this view, saying it was important that tenders are carried out transparently in order for the best bidders to be contracted.

According to Rantzen, Slovenia will be better off exiting the crisis with privatisation. Ambassador Prinz added that selling off state companies should not be treated as means to fill up the budget but as incentive to and support for innovations and progress.

She also said that about 70% of German investors are prone to reinvest in Slovenia. The others are bothered especially by high taxes and inflexible labour legislation, a reason why Rantzen believes reform in these fields is most necessary.

However, the ambassador feels optimistic about the development of events in Slovenia and Europe. The stress tests in Slovenian banks are almost done and the country has proved with the latest borrowing on international financial markets that it can access money at a lower interest rate.

She added that Slovenia can lower the public debt in the long run only with economic growth, which, according to Prinz, will be the main issue next year.

The ambassador also feels the issue of economic growth also plays an important role at the European level, mentioning the EU efforts to found a banking union as the right move. By lowering the risks in the banking system and providing more affordable loans, we can boost the competitive edge of the EU economy, she said.

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