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GMT group's revenue to top EUR 100m this year

Murska Sobota, 16 September (STA) - GMT, the biggest car parts dealer in Slovenia, has been reaffirming its leading role in lubricants and spare car parts in the region, recording an average annual growth of 10%. The group, which has taken over the companies I.S.T. Avtodeli and Austria's AR Regnemer, expects its revenue to top EUR 100 million this year.

The goal of having revenue top EUR 100 million was set two years ago, when the group marked its 25th anniversary by opening an EUR 8 million logistic centre in Murska Sobota in the north-east.

The centre is now fully operational, employing 40 people. It has enabled the group to expand its range of products and win over leading suppliers of lubricants and spare car parts in the automotive industry.

The group moreover plans to expand the 12,000-square-metre centre by another 3,000 square metres.

Businesses has been going well also because of two successful takeovers. Last year, GMT became the sole owner of the Graz-based company AR Regnemer with more than 30-year tradition, 30 employees and a revenue of EUR 7 million in 2018.

Through this acquisition, the group plans to increase its revenue on the Austrian market to at least EUR 20 million a year.

This year, GMT also acquired the Ljubljana-based I.S.T. Avtodeli, which operates 18 shops in Slovenia, also offering agricultural products, a new segment for GMT.

I.S.T. Avtodeli, which employs 68 people, generated just over EUR 12 million in turnover last year.

The GTM group now employs more than 450 people, who work in 57 shops in Slovenia, 17 in Croatia, and the offices in Austria, Serbia and Bulgaria.

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