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Gorenje Group Company Launches Waste Material Fuel Plant

Maribor, 09 September (STA) - Gorenje Surovina, a waste recycling company that is part of the group around household appliance maker Gorenje, launched on Thursday a new line for producing solid fuel from waste materials. The first private investment of this kind in Slovenia is estimated at EUR 2.7m.

Head of the Maribor-based company Jure Fiser told the press that the plant, which will produce 42,000 tonnes of solid fuel a year, was an important step in the transition from the disposal of waste to its thermal use and thereby to meeting wider environmental goals.

"The plant is an important additional element in our capacities and is a solution for a significant part of waste that is being given new value by being used for energy. Producing solid fuel from waste has a number of positive effects for the environment as well as for Slovenian industry and people, since it enables extracting Slovenian energy sources from waste where they were being imported so far," Fiser said.

Surovina, which has a workforce of 330, is part of Gorenje's 550-strong division for ecology, energy and services. According to Fiser, the division already accounts for 20% of all of Gorenje's revenues.

Gorenje chairman Franjo Bobinac was also present at the launch, announcing that ecology would become a key segment of Gorenje in the future.

"I can say that Gorenje is trying to develop into the strongest green company in SE Europe," he said, adding that the group had the full support of its new co-owners, the International Finance Corporation, in this respect.

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