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Govt Adopts Economic Communications Bill

Ljubljana, 27 September (STA) - The government has adopted a bill on electronic communications that will transpose EU directives into national legislation, Education, Science, Culture and Sport Minister Žiga Turk told the press after the cabinet meeting on Thursday.

The new bill will promote new investment and the development of electronic communication systems while also protecting users, the minister said.

"I believe we will get a modern law that will allow faster development of this field in Slovenia," Turk said.

The bill includes net neutrality, which means that "operators will have to send internet traffic with uniform speed and permeability regardless of the content," according to Turk.

The Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (APEK), which will be renamed the Agency for Communication Networks and Services (AKOMOS), will get more powers and expand its activities to the construction of shared infrastructure.

The new bill also provides new possibilities for introducing the next-generation LTE mobile networks, and enhance network security.

Turk believes that TV viewers will appreciate the provision regulating the placing of channels by cable providers, as "nationally important programmes and Slovenian programmes that cover the entire country will be placed first".

A provision that would serve as "a good signal, a good opportunity to increase the coverage of Slovenia with broadband internet" is also in the bill, according to him.

As regards changes to information privacy and protection of personal data, the minister said that the "cookies directive", which regulates what data web browsers can store, would be implemented nationally.

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