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Govt Adopts Employment Deal with Bosnia

Ljubljana, 18 February (STA) - The government adopted on Thursday an agreement with Bosnia-Herzegovina which regulates the conditions and procedures to employ Bosnian citizens in Slovenia, the Government Communication Office said after the session.

The agreement is also in line with the EU policies on setting up a comprehensive migration policy and strengthening dialogue with non-EU members as well as on circular migration, brain drain and ethical staffing.

Migrant workers from Bosnia present 56% of all foreign workers in Slovenia, so the government accepted the initiative for the agreement launched back in 2006, the Communication Office said.

It noted that Slovenia was facing lack of labour force because of ageing population, structural unemployment and greater needs of the corporate sector.

Despite the economic crisis and the growing unemployment, Slovenia needs to provide medium- and long-term mechanisms for ensuring a sufficient number of workers whom it cannot find on EU labour markets, the office said.

The office noted that the need for workers from non-EU countries will remain, however the search for them should be well-planned.

The agreement will now be sent to the parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee.

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