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Govt Introduces New Tool to Combat Late Payments

Ljubljana, 05 July (STA) - The government adopted late on Thursday a bill intended to tackle the problem of late payment in Slovenia. The document is to introduce an enforcement draft, a document with which debtors will obligate themselves to repay a certain amount of money.

The enforcement draft, issued by the debtor, will state the debtor's liability and enable the creditor to be repaid directly from any of the debtor's accounts at any bank, Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič told the press after the cabinet session.

The minister said that the bill would be presented in more detail next week and expressed hope that the National Assembly would discuss it as early as in July alongside some other bills aimed at boosting the economy.

The bill will be rushed through parliament.

The government also adopted several simplifications to the multilateral mandatory offsets and decided to strike 120-day pay term from the legislation, leaving it up to contractual clients to set the payment term.

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