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Govt Starts Visit to Posavje and Zasavje Regions, Hails Success of Kovis

Brežice, 23 October (STA) - PM Janez Janša and Economic Development Minister Radovan Žerjav visited Kovis, a producer of high quality metal products for railway vehicles, in Brežice on Tuesday to start a two-day government visit to the regions of Posavje and Zasavje. Žerjav described Kovis as a company that can serve as an example and source of pride to Slovenia.

The economic development and technology minister said Kovis was relying on accumulation-based growth and its own knowledge, noting that Slovenia's economy would have been much better off with more companies of this sort.

Commenting on the economic situation in Posavje, one of the smallest Slovenian statistical regions, which has a population of around 71,000 and is best known for Slovenia's sole nuclear plant in Krško, the minister said it was comparable to the rest of Slovenia.

Like other regions, Posavje is feeling a lack of funding for businesses, which Žerjav ascribed to the situation of Slovenian banks, taking the opportunity to again urge against opposition to the bad bank act.

Meanwhile, Kovis director Alen Šinka said that the company, established more than 35 years ago and employing just over 300 people, managed to increase production by 46% last year, while the output was up by another 10% this year.

Kovis, which exports its products to countries around the world, is also affected by the crisis, but is trying to bridge it with investments into knowledge and personnel and by using profits for development, Šink added.

The government will continue its visit to Posavje on Wednesday, while also making a stop in Zasavje, Slovenia's smallest region with a population of 45,000.

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