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Govt to Adopt Supplementary Budget in Late March

Ljubljana, 16 February (STA) - The government plans to the adopt a supplementary budget for 2012 in late March so that parliament could pass it at the session in April, Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič told the press after Thursday's cabinet session.

The cabinet today adopted a timetable for the preparation of the supplementary budget, under which the government will hold a budget session in the first week of March to submit the motion to parliament in late March.

"The goal is for the National Assembly to pass a supplementary budget for this year at its April session," Šušteršič said.

In the coming weeks discussion will be led on where and how to save money, and the ceiling of budget expenditure will be fixed at the session in the first week of March, according to the minister.

As it prepares the supplementary budget, the government will also undergo an institutional reorganisation to adapt to the changes in the structure of ministries.

In this process the government will agree which of the budget items belong where. "This process will get under way next week," Šušteršič said.

Like in the valid budget for 2012, the government does not intend to earmark funds for recapitalisation of the NLB bank in the supplementary budget.

Šušteršič said the government will join efforts with everyone involved (the central bank, the State Capital Assets Agency, the management and supervisory board of NLB) to find the necessary capital without or with less state funds.

The minister said it was an imperative for the state to show unity in the search for the strategic or financial partner to supply money for the bank.

After the chairmen of the two biggest banks stepped down, Šušteršič deems it right for the managements of NLB and NKBM to be sought through public calls for application, an international one in the case of NLB.

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