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Govt Unveils Innovation-Oriented Research Plan for 2011-2020

Ljubljana, 04 October (STA) - Economy Minister Darja Radic and Higher Education, Science and Technology Minister Gregor Golobic presented on Monday a draft Research and Innovation Strategy (RISS) for 2011-2020, highlighting the conversion of know-how into money as one of the goals of the strategy.

"The goal of RISS is to set up a system of research and innovation that will enable a higher quality of life for everyone with the help of critical social reflection, effective resolving of social challenges and other added values per employee, as well as a greater number of jobs and better jobs," Golobic told the press.

Radic focused on the advantages of RISS for the economy, especially in relation to the goal of converting know-how into money.

"The basic core for securing economic growth is innovation, which is why it is important that it gets support when it is converted into competitive products or services with high added value," Radic said.

She sees the need for entrepreneurs who can change an innovation into a commercially interesting product that is valued on the market.

Radic highlighted the setting up of a comprehensive quality network of support institutions for entrepreneurship and along with that a streamlining of the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) and the Technology Agency (TIA).

"I am presently very unhappy with the performance of JAPTI," she said, announcing changes, while Golobic said that JAPTI and TIA would be merged into a single organisation with a new role that will have to be adopted to RISS guidelines.

According to Golobic, human resources, knowledge and innovation are the key elements of RISS, which entered a month-long public debate today.

While public and private investment into R&D reached 1.66% of GDP in 2008 (0.5% from public funds), the share should rise to 3.6% by 2020 (1.2% of which from public funds), Golobic explained.

Other goals highlighted include the development of independent public research organisations that will be judged according to their results and effects in science and economy, more international cooperation, and concern for ethics in research.

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